A Quartet of Bordeaux Wines

A Quartet of Bordeaux Wines

By Bob Lipinski

“Drinking the right wine at the right time is an art.” (Horace A. Vachell)

There is little in the world more alluring than a glass of red Bordeaux wine. In Bordeaux, centuries of blending mastery combined with a unique terrain and climate give birth to refinement and equilibrium of a highly enticing nature. Within the region of Bordeaux there are many districts that make red, white, rosé, sweet white, and even sparkling wines.

I recently attended a tasting of the wines of Pessac-Léognan, Saint-Julien, Margaux, and Sauternes with representatives from each estate pouring and discussing the wines.

Here is a list of the recommended wines I tasted (included are some tasting notes)

Château LaTour-Martillac (Pessac-Léognan): The winery makes both red and white AOC wines.

2015 Château LaTour-Martillac Blanc (spectacular bouquet of melon, pear, and citrus. Mouth-filling with an excellent balance and great aftertaste)

2013 Château LaTour-Martillac Blanc

2011 Château LaTour-Martillac Blanc

2015 Château LaTour-Martillac Rouge (dark cherry color; bouquet of black currants, smoke, black raspberry; tannic with a smooth finish and lingering aftertaste)

2010 Château LaTour-Martillac Rouge

Quartet of Bordeaux Wine

Château Beychevelle (Fourth Growth Saint-Julien): The winery makes only red AOC wine. On the label of Château Beychevelle is a “Nordic Ship,” with grape clusters on its sails.

2015 Château Beychevelle (dark, almost purple color; bouquet of black currants, oak, black cherries; powerful wine with plenty of tannin and a fruity aftertaste)

2014 Château Beychevelle

2009 Château Beychevelle

2005 Château Beychevelle

2015 Amiral de Beychevelle (second label of Château Beychevelle)

Château Kirwan (Third Growth Margaux): The winery makes only red AOC wine. Built in the late 18th century in classical style, Château Kirwan owes its name to Mark Kirwan, an Irishman from a long line of merchants who received the estate in dowry in 1760 through his marriage with the daughter of the landowner, Sir John Collingwood.

2009 Château Kirwan (ruby color with an aromatic bouquet of spicy cherry, menthol, and blueberry; medium-bodied, beginning to soften with a smooth refined finish)

2015 Château Kirwan

2010 Château Kirwan

2008 Château Kirwan

Château Guiraud (First Growth Sauternes): The winery makes both dry and sweet AOC white wines. The wines are a blend of Sémillon and Sauvignon Blanc grapes.

2009 Château Guiraud (Gold-amber in color; bouquet and flavor of coconut, honey, orange, pineapple, peach, apricot, and spice; luscious and sweet finish…Wow! What a delicious wine)

2015 Château Guiraud

2010 Château Guiraud

2015 Petit Guiraud (second label of Château Guiraud)

Bob Lipinski, author of 10 books; writes, consults, and conducts training seminars on Wine, Spirits, and Food; and is available for speaking engagements. He can be reached at www.boblipinski.com OR bob@hibs-usa.com.


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