Grana Cheese For Grating

Grana Cheese For Grating By Bob Lipinski Adding grated cheese to a dish of pasta is something we do automatically, sometimes without regard to the type of cheese we’re using, or which is suggested in the recipe. Not all grated … Continue reading

Fondue— A Swiss Tradition

Fondue— A Swiss Tradition By Bob Lipinski As the weather turns colder and days become shorter, thoughts of sitting around a roaring fire come to mind. Although freshly roasted chestnuts and large mugs of mulled wine or even hot chocolate … Continue reading

Wine & Cheese: Bubbling Discoveries

Wine & Cheese: Bubbling Discoveries By Bob Lipinski I love “bubbly” … sparkling wines that dance on my tongue, revealing their subtle or bold flavors. Some are crisp and quite dry, while others are off-dry or even sweet. Virtually every … Continue reading

Swiss Cheese Really Doesn’t Exist!

Swiss Cheese Really Doesn’t Exist! By Bob Lipinski “Swiss cheese” as we know it doesn’t really exist. It is a generic term often used in North America for any type of cheese, regardless of where it comes from, as long … Continue reading

Mozzarella Is Not Just for Pizza

Mozzarella Is Not Just for Pizza Before we start on our mozzarella journey, it’s important to note its correct pronunciation (mohtz-ah-REHL-lah). Now, this stringy, elastic, slightly salty cheese that often smothers pizza is not indicative of true mozzarella cheese. In … Continue reading

Austria: Land of Wine, Cheese, and Waltzes

Austria: Land of Wine, Cheese, and Waltzes By Bob Lipinski Although archeological evidence dates winemaking and grape-growing in Austria back thousands of years, its wines have always been overshadowed by those of Germany. Austria’s four major grape-growing regions are Burgenland, Niederösterreich, … Continue reading