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“101: Everything You Need To Know About Vodka, Gin, Rum & Tequila” has been published and is available on You can also use the link:






Book Signing at Stew Leonard's

Book Signing at Stew Leonard’s

Italian Wine & Cheese Cover Aug 2010

Italian Wine & Cheese Made Simple

Italian Wine Noted, written by Bob Lipinski is available on; 2013 copyright









Bob Lipinski & Luigi Seracco Guerrieri of Castello Monaci at Book Signing; Stew Leonard’s










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Bob is the author of 10 books on alcoholic beverages and food. As a professional speaker, entertainer, and educator, he has conducted seminars worldwide; presentations to businesses, Fortune 500 corporations, trade shows, and conventions. He taught the Executive Staff at The White House “How-To Pair Wine with Food,” “Proper Wine Service,” and “Sensory Evaluation Skills.” Bob also has television and radio experience as a host, writer, and guest. He has worked as a consulting enologist and viticulturist. Bob is a Certified Sommelier through the Court of Master Sommeliers.

Bob Lipinski writes, consults, and conducts training seminars on Wine, Spirits, and Food. He can be reached through this site at the “Contact Us” Tab.